Thursday, February 17, 2011

Table Position

     I am not going to go too deep into table position (yet), I just want to make people aware of it.  While to those who have player poker a bit it is often a concept seen as common sense but to a fresh player it is not so clear.  All that table position means is where you are in relation to the dealer and the blinds.  After getting cards the person to the dealers left is the first to act, this person is "Under The Gun".  The further you are from this seat the weaker the hand you are allowed to play, it is as simple as that.  If there is a 9 person table and we count clockwise with the person under the gun as 1 and the big blind as number 9 we can break the seating into 3 categories.  If at any point you hear me mention early sets it is seat 1,2 or 3.  Mid seats are 4,5,and 6. Late seats are 7,8, and 9, with 9 being the big blind and last to act.  As an example it may be worth playing in a pair of 3's from a late seat but not from an early seat.  The problem with playing a low pair from an early seat is there are 6 or so people to still act and there is a very good chance one of them has a better hand and will raise you, either forcing you out or forcing you top put in more money on a poor hand.


  1. thats what it really comes down too. the poor hands are forced and they want to make people play that blind. so i fold most of the time. its not fun like this.

  2. That's pretty interesting. I've been invited to poker games, but always declined because I never knew how to play.


  3. Wow, cool thanks. I didn't even know table positions came into play in professional poker.

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