Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Ante? But I Just Posted A Blind

     Ante's are a way too keep a game even more active.  An ante is very simply an amount that every player must put into a pot, even the people posting blinds.  Ante's will be seen in regular games but are very important in tournament play.  An ante becomes important when we have 4 player in a tournament as follows:

Player  A. has 100,000 chips
Player B has 82,000 chips
Player C has 40,000 chips 
Player D has 8,000 in chips.  
The game is at 1000/2000 so big blind is 2000 small is 1000.  
     With this player D could play 1 in every 10 hands and still stay alive while player A bumps the rest out of the tournament.  With an ante in place every player must put 200 additional in the pot.  Player D still has the same odds with winning hands however the longer he waits to get into a hand the less chips he has to gamble with, therefore he is forced into a lot more action.  Player D can no longer stay alive playing 1 in ever 10 hands because doubling up on hand 1 would be  8,000x2=16,000, where doubling up on hand 4 would be only 7,200x2=14,400, a drastic difference.


  1. ohh i thought antes and blinds were the same. thanks for sharing this!

  2. question, can you anti at any time during the game? i always thought it was just after a card was dealt tot he table. granted, i play very little and with a bunch of tards. Anyway, great blog, love all these tips.

  3. great tips, I can't wait for more.

  4. sieger, ante is only before any cards are dealt. What you call ante I call betting, sometimes terminology is regional. It will be cleared up with Fridays post

  5. Oh cool, thanks, I always thought ante's were just an alternative to blinds.

  6. Excellent post and information man, keep it coming, Ive given this blog to a few people who need poker help already they are loving it lol

  7. yea this is why i always play with antes. all my friends like to try and be player D after they fail at bluffing, and everyone literally folds every hand and the game goes on forever.