Tuesday, February 22, 2011


Sorry all been in the hospital for a few days but back again to update.  So all I have to say is tat poker is a game of skill, not chance.  Tomorrow I will  post or link a few reports that prove this, however as for today if you are concerned about the UIGEA banning poker please take action.  For those of you unaware the UIGEA is the Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act, this was slipped in t the last minute into the SAFE Port Act.  If you support internet gaming as an alternative to casino gambling please visit theppa.org/.  One of many arguements is that we should be allowed to enjoy these things in our home, almost all states support in home card games as a social event, even for money.  By making internet gambling illegal a small population is going to continue to find a way to play the game they love (I understand you can play for free, but that is just a game of everyone going all in, and seeing who has the best cards, no skill involved).  By supporting the PPA you support legalization and REGULATION of the market so we don't have a repeat of the Ultimate Bet scandal.  I will also be making a post on the Super User scandals and how they effectively cheated (basically had advanced knowledge of hands being played), stole 20M+ and because the market is unregulated the corporations and players involved will never be able to reclaim that money.

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